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Deck & Porch

Decks are outdoor extensions of your living space, normally located on the back of the home. Typically, they a part of your yard’s recreational space and may be included in your landscaping along with a patio, pool area, or outdoor kitchen. Decks can be used for outdoor recreational purposes, such as grilling, sunbathing, entertaining, and relaxing. They may have additions, such as fire pits or hot tubs, and may include built-in 1 furnishings, such as benches or tables.

Porches are typically located on the front of the home as an addition to your entryway. They are normally covered by an overhang or extension of your roof and are accessible by the front steps. Some homes may also have a sunporch or three-season porch. This may be located on the side of the house, and in addition to being covered by the roof overhang, they are typically screened in to give year-round access. Porches may be used for sitting and watching street activity, like a reception area for guests, and, in some cases, for outdoor storage.

Check below a few of our projects:

Ipe Deck - New Canaan, CT - August 2020

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